Thursday, March 27, 2014

Day 27 SoL Story Challenge: The What Is It Poem

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Once again, Little L. knows that Mommy cannot resist allowing her to stay up a little bit past bedtime to tell stories, or in this case a poem.

What Is It

What is a bag? 
A bag is something you carry something in.

What is a person?
I am a person.

What is an eyeball?
It is on you.

What is a baby?
It is a kid when it is not grown up yet.

What is hair?
It is on your head is this.

What is a nose?
The nose is what you smell with.


UPDATE: Wow, so I later realized that it is actually only Thursday, so Little L and I are a little early for Poetry Friday. But doesn't it feel like Friday?


  1. Precious!

    She can't grow up to be a poet.
    she is a poet already.

    happy weekend to you both.

    1. Thanks Jan! This kid loves a good pattern, and the sound of repetition, let me tell you!

  2. Little L. is brilliant! I love the line:
    "What is a baby?
    It is a kid when it is not grown up yet." = )

    1. Totally! She's thinking about her baby brother in that line, for sure.

  3. Very simple yet filled with so much wonder. Love it! :)