Friday, February 26, 2010

Touchy Feely Books

Baby L. learned to grab things just about a week ago. She loves to grab at her toys, and especially at books. She must get her love of books from her mama!

I love it when she wraps her little fingers around the outside edges of her board books - It looks like she's about to turn a page! So cute! It's her first step toward developing concepts about print!
She loves-loves-loves her touchy feely books-- her books that have parts that are textured. Our favorite touchy feely book is Good Puppy!, a fabric book that has nice soft crinkly ears on the dogs, perfect for developing fine motor skills. Lily oogles at the vivid colors, perfect for encouraging her to study the details in the pictures. And she loves to grab on to the soft pages and pull on them (usually toward her mouth). We also love our Dwell Studio and Usborne touchy feely books.

Plus it’s just fun to say "Good Puppy!" on every other page. Indigo, our dog, loves hearing those words too! He’s never far away when I’m reading to Baby L., and his little ears perk right up when he hears us reading that one. Pretty soon he'll be turning the pages too! Good puppy.

L. is not the only baby who loves her touchy feely books, either. Here's another mom's post on a boy, a book & a dog. Mama L & Little D love their textures (and their dog) just as much as we do!


  1. i love reading with the earliest of readers!

  2. I think we definitely need to add Good Puppy to our collection! Have you seen any of the Manhattan Toy soft books? I did a post on them last week...lots of great textures and colors...our guy loves them.

  3. Ha! I should have known that you would have a similar post! The Manhattan Toy books look so cute. I'll have to get one for Lily! I added a link to your post above : )

  4. All books should be touchy feely! (my inner child speaking)