Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comments From the Peanut Gallery

Baby L is learning more and more words by the minute! Her newest craze is to chime in to conversations, books, songs, anything with her own "comments." Usually "Dooooo!" or "Deeda deeda deeda" or something like that, but she sounds like she's really adding to the conversation! We respond with all due seriousness, "Yes, Baby L., of course. What else would you like to say?" And she responds!


Add that to her fascinating "self conversations" that she has nightly in her crib before she drops off to sleep, and each morning when she awakes. She can be heard listing off the words she knows, cooing, and babbling. It's the best alarm clock ever!

So cute!

She can also be heard "talking" to Indigo, our dog, and Baby L's best bud. "Dee! Dee! Heh heh heh." She smiles, and pats him, or waves to him from across the living room and says as clear as day, "Hi!"

Too bad Indigo can't talk. Maybe with enough reading aloud, modeling conversations, responding to his attempts at conversation...


  1. Mommy and I just read an article about dogs being as smart as 2 year old humans (some breeds can count to 5!) so maybe saying hi back is not too much if a stretch :)

  2. My Arabic-first-language Downs 4th grader is just DYING to communicate in much the same way your little one is. He babbles strings of nonsense with very good conversational inflection and hysterical (and perfectly mimicked) hand and facial gestures. Every now and then you can understand a word a word or two. More important than anything to him, though, is to be heard and to be able to engage in that back and forth that he sees going on around him, but which is just out of his reach right now. When I "talk" with him, I always reflect on the power of approximation.

  3. On Arthur (a cartoon on PBS) his dog and youngest sister can communicate with each other, but as she grows up and starts saying more human words she understands Pal (the dog) less.

    I realize this might be a little random- but for some reason your post reminded me of it... maybe I should cut back how much TV my son and I watch...

  4. I love babies :-) What a wonderful blog you have!