Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mom's Best Friend

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The alarm goes off. It's early. The sun isn't quite up yet. My eyes are blurry. My head hurts. My hips hurt. My back hurts. My feet are swollen. I feel slightly sick to my stomach. Only four more weeks to our due date.

My hand touches something fuzzy and warm next to me in the bed. Indigo! He's got his furry little head resting on my belly, using it as a pillow--so cute! I wonder if he can feel the baby moving around in there. How did I not notice him sleeping on me? He's warm and soft, and suddenly I don't feel so sick anymore.

I pause for a minute to give Indigo some pats and some love, and then I gently slide him over to the side so I can get up and start the day. He lifts his head for a moment and gives me a look that says, "Hey, I'm snuggling here!" (I've always imagined that Indigo has a Brooklyn accent) and then he flops back down with a giant doggy sigh and goes back to sleep.


  1. Our pets always seem to know when to be on hand, don't they?!

  2. What a cutie he is! I bet he can feel that baby, or at least sense it in some way. He probably knows he doesn't have much longer. "I better take advantage of this pillow now..." (said with Brooklyn accent).

  3. I love your piece. I have a new puppy and she brings such joy to our house. I could feel the joy in your piece!

  4. Just love this little slice of your morning life, Beth.

    A dog with a Brooklyn accent! That's something to weave into a children's book.

    Of course you didn't realize Indigo was sleeping on you... you're probably exhausted since you're 36 weeks pregnant.

  5. If you are 4 weeks away from your due date, you are really close to that 2 weeks before-2 weeks after phase! My girls were always closer to the 2 weeks before range. My youngest is about 7 1/2 months now, and I am still waking up with her multiple times in the night because I have never been good about having her cry herself back to sleep - sigh. Once I am actually up out of bed with her though, I love looking at her in the moonlight. She always goes right back to sleep with me.