Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Reading With My Two Tiny Readers

Sitting on the Couch Reading a Book

A kid is snuggled up to me on one side
A baby is in my lap

A kid holds the book
The baby drools on the pages

A kid turns the pages
The baby swats at them

A kid laughs at the funny parts
The baby laughs at the kid laughing

Now the kid
laughs at the baby
who is laughing at the kid
who is laughing at the baby.


  1. I love the ending!!! It made me nostalgic for those days.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. It's been so much fun watching Little L and her baby brother get to know each other!

  2. Such a sweet poem! I can picture it as I read.

    1. Thanks! Your comment gives me some ideas…I might revise it to include more images.

  3. Love the laughing! What a fun poem showing the love and contagiousness of laughter. Enjoy!

  4. My favorite part is "The kid holds the book / the baby drools on the pages." What a great moment to capture in images. Here's to many more damp pages and laughter...

  5. That sweet poem brings back a lot of memories for me! Thanks. I just posted a poem on my Facebook author page about the power of a baby's hands; your poem fits my nostalgic theme of the day (my own son's 22nd birthday). --S. L. Lipson