Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How To Read At Six Months Old

Look at the pictures.
Take your time, if you can.

Touch the pages.
Scritchy scratch across the pages.
Try to pick the pictures right off,
and discover that they are stuck.

Maybe drool a little on a page or two,
Maybe chew on a corner, or two.

Giggle with delight at the sight
of a familiar book--

Brown Bear Brown Bear,
Or Goodnight Moon,
Or The Peace Book,
Or Where's Baby's Belly Button?

Help mama turn the pages.
Put your hands on top of hers.
You can even close the book,
before mama's ready...

That's how to read at six months old.

* Day 21 of the KidLitosphere Poem-A-Day Challenge for National Poetry Month.

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