Monday, July 12, 2010

Show Tunes

When I was a little kid, I wanted to be a singer on Broadway. I took Tap & Jazz dance lessons, and I knew all the words to Annie, A Chorus Line, Cats, and The Wizard of Oz. My mom and my grandmas would take me to see musicals at the local theater, The Flynn Theatre, whenever a good musical was showing, and I had a whole collection of the book-versions of the stories that went along with each show.

Of course, as the years passed, my dream of being a Broadway singer was replaced by other dreams: being a Broadway singer turned into being a musician, and I learned to play the clarinet and saxophone. Being a musician turned into being a writer, and I would spend hours making my own magazines and writing stories with animals as characters. This eventually grew into a short phase in which I wanted to be an artist, which eventually changed to wanting to be a teacher, among other things...

I had all but forgotten about my love of show tunes until I recently discovered the TV show Glee! Friends of mine know that our family does not own a TV, and we don't have cable. But, I figured out how to download seasons of certain shows using iTunes, so that I could keep up with my favorites--and Glee! is now one of my favorites, not because of the storyline, but because of the nostalgia that the songs spark.

Show tunes can be like old friends. No matter how many years go by, when you hear a song that you know all the words to, it's like the song has always been there.

After watching Glee! I decided that Baby L. needs to have some show tunes in her repertoire, so that someday she could also sing along to all the words. I figured out that if you make a Lion King station on Pandora, it plays lots of kid-friendly musicals like Mary Poppins, Beauty and the Beast, and Wicked. So now, L. and I spend our mornings listening to show tunes, and singing along, gleefully.


  1. My nephew loves musical theater! Big fan! We love Donny Osmond in Joseph and r\the techni-color coat! -

  2. Thanks for the suggestion about the station on Pandora. Any other good "kids' songs" stations you've discovered? (Like one that plays all your songs about peace and love, for instance?)

  3. Baby L and I are totally into Music Together right now. It's our latest craze. We just started classes this week and we are HOOKED. Plus, as you probably already know, we absolutely love Elizabeth Mitchell.

  4. Other good kids songs Pandora stations-- type in Renee and Jeremy, or Ella Jenkins, or just Acoustic Guitar. Also, Billie Holiday gets good results for kiddos (not surprisingly).