Sunday, October 24, 2010

Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?

October is almost over--can you believe it?!

For Halloween this year, Baby L is going as the baby from her favorite author's book, Where Is Baby's Pumpkin?

The book:

The costume:

The pumpkin:

L. is participating in a family tradition of dressing as favorite characters, including the time I dressed as Harry Potter when I was teaching fifth grade, and when I dressed as Mrs. Wishy-Washy when I was teaching first grade, and the time I dressed in all orange, along with my whole fifth grade class so that we could all be the entire cast of Louis Sachar's Holes. There was one year when I dressed as the M, from MSV-- but that's another story (and only reading teachers will understand it!).

Are you dressing as a character from a book this Halloween? Post a comment and share your costume ideas!


  1. I'm so not creative that daughter's costume was purchased on clearance last year in anticipation of this year's Halloween. She'll be a snow princess. I figured I couldn't go wrong, but I have a feeling after this year she is going to want to pick her own costume :)

  2. What a great idea! So cute!!

    My little man is totally scared of Where Is Babies Pumpkin. The page where the bats are in the closet makes him cry. LOL

    No book characters here, unless we pretend that the dragon costume is for Puff the Magic Dragon.

  3. Thanks for posting comments! You mentioned scary books for babies- Baby L is terrified of the book When The Elephant Walks--just seeing it makes her cry. If you don't know the book, google it and look at the cover. All the animals are afraid in the book, so I guess it makes sense. Poor babes!

    Funny though, the page in WIBP? with the bats is one of L's faves because of the way the doors open up, and the bats are all sparkly inside!