Monday, November 29, 2010

How to Survive the Longest Car Ride Ever with a Toddler

Baby L, Daddy B, Indigo, and I just got home from a SEVEN hour drive, coming back to Brooklyn from northern Vermont, and man am I tired!

Baby L hasn't slept in the car for quite a while now, so we figured we'd make the drive during the day when the two grown-ups had a little more energy. It was a good plan, I think. Much better than the seven hour drive in the middle of the night earlier this week, when Baby L didn't sleep much more than the last forty-five minutes. I think we learned our lesson from that one!

How to Survive:
1. Read lots and lots and lots of books to your child.
2. If there are two grown-ups, one person can sit in the back to entertain the little person. It makes life better for everybody!
3. Pack lots and lots of snacks that aren't too messy, and several bottles and sippy cups.
4. Allow your child to feed the dog her snacks, even though you usually don't.
5. Allow your child to watch TV shows on your iPhone, even though you usually don't. In fact, you don't even have a TV.
6. Don't stop unless you absolutely have to. If you absolutely have to, stop as soon as possible.
7. Three words: Music. Together. CD. (If you don't know what I'm talking about click here.)
8. Bring a big blanket so you and baby can hide under it from time to time.
9. Don't bring toys that make annoying sounds!
10. Don't plan on your child sleeping. It's probably not going to happen. But it might. If you are lucky. Really really lucky.


  1. Glad everyone made it home in one piece! Now that I'm a toddler, Mommy doesn't plan long car trips and can't imagine spending that long in a vehicle! Last February, though, we got stuck in snowstorm on the way home from Pittsburgh and a 7 hour trip became TWELVE. I was only 6 months old at the time, though, so that was easier.

    Also? I did not realize you lived in Brooklyn - we should have a toddler playdate! :)

  2. we've done multiple long road trips (2-3 days) with up to 3 kids under 5.

    I found that having little cheap (like from the dollar store) all wrapped with boys and ribbons- to hand out to them from time to time- every stop or when we crossed a state line-
    worked WELL.

    we also did frequent rest Stops to let them stretch their legs and run their giggles out.

    and I read to them..... lots. and tickled them
    and got GLOW STICKS for when it was dark in the van.

    Glad you had a safe trip!

    (visiting via TOPMOMMYBLOGS. I just joined and have been enjoying browsing all the fun blogs!

    but we did have TVs or anything fancy back in those days

  3. Tip 11:
    Remember that comedy can get you thru ANY situation an infant can throw your way!