Sunday, March 7, 2010

Love Letter to Todd Parr

Dear Todd Parr,

Your colorful books grab Baby L.'s attention like no others. She scritchy-scratches her little fingers over the bright smiley faces again and again, trying to pick them off the page!

When I'm reading to L. she loves to hang on to one side of the book with one hand and reach out and touch the pictures with her other hand. It's as if she's discovering what's a picture and what's an object.

No only that, but your books teach all about topics of great importance to babies! Baby L.'s fave right now is The Peace Book. But she also really digs The Family Book, Reading Makes You Feel Good, and It's Okay To Be Different.

I originally bought these books to support the New York State Social Studies curriculum for Kindergarten and first grade. They're the perfect books for the School and Community, Self and Others, or Families social studies units if you're a Kindergartner, or Families and the Community if you're a first grader!

Thank you Todd Parr. We love you!

Mommy and Baby L.


  1. It's so funny reading this because after reading one of his books this week, I realized I love him, too! Or at least have a crush.

  2. We love him too! A loves it! And in his interview he mentioned the Peace Book because he has it at school and at home. And LSL loves him too! Dos and Donts- great toddler curriculum too!