Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Day 12 SoL Story Challenge: A Story About a Guinea Pig

Join hundreds of teachers and students as we practice our own writing by sharing a story every day in the month of March.

It's amazing the way little kids use bits and pieces of true life in their make-believe play and storytelling. In Little L.'s stories, real life pets often become main characters, and characters from familiar books make appearances.

Today, Little L. tells a story about a guinea pig. Her classroom at preschool has a pet guinea pig, named Roger. Little L. has been begging to get a guinea pig of her own lately (it's not going to happen).  Also, we recently read The Mouse and The Motorcycle  and Runaway Ralph by Beverly Cleary, and in both these books, the antagonist is a cat named Catso. See if you can hear how she pulls some of those details into her story.


  1. What fun! I also love the balance of aspects inspired by reality and their imaginations. It is nice that you have documented this with video.

  2. I love this! I need to record the great nieces and nephews telling stories! (And you are correct, NO to guinea pigs!)