Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 19 SoL Story Challenge: Emergent Reader

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One of the things that makes my heart melt is that Baby J. absolutely loves his big sister Little L. He turns his little head, searching for her when he hears her voice, and he gives her the biggest smiles and giggles. It's such a sweet thing, as a mom, to see how the two of them are becoming familiar to one another, little by little, becoming friends.

Tonight at bedtime Little L. had a great idea. She asked if I could videotape her reading a story for Baby J. so that he could watch it while she was at school tomorrow. "In case he was missing me," she said.

Baby J. is too young to watch videos, but I'm glad I have this video so that I can watch it... in case I'm the one missing her.

P.S. To find out more about how we've been supporting Little L with her reading at home, and to get ideas for supporting the emergent readers in your life at home or in the classroom, see this old post: Shared Reading With Your Tiny Reader.


  1. Beth I have tears in my eyes - Oh my goodness this is amazing! Your intro - Baby J and big sis L becoming friends - what a gorgeous image. And L videotaping a story in case baby J is missing her, well that is just too beautiful for words. I love reading your reading stories.

  2. L is incredible! I love that she wants to read him a story in case he misses her. What a sweet big sister.

    As an aside, I LOVE those owl pj's too!

    1. Thanks Stacey! I wish they made those owl pajamas in grown-up sizes!