Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 8 SoL Story Challenge: How to Tell a Realistic Fiction Story

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Readers, let me introduce you to my nephew, K. He's an awesome kid. Also, he loves to tell stories. Little L. and I are off to a birthday party today, so he took care of today's Slice of Life Story Challenge for us.

K. has a good feel for realistic fiction, don't you think? (Also, K. loves to draw, so that helps.)

Here are a few elements of realistic fiction that I notice in K.'s story, that you or your own kids or students might aim for in fiction storytelling:

* a realistic, believable character with strengths and weaknesses
* the character wants something, but something stands in the way ("The character wants…but…so… is a prompt I often use in the classroom for both reading and writing)
* the character tries and tries again to solve the problem
* usually the problem gets solved (though this is not always the case… there is such thing as a tragedy, you know)

Now here's K.'s older sister, my niece, M. She's just as awesome as K. She also tells a realistic fiction story. See if you can hear all the elements I listed above:

K. and M. did this within just a few minutes. If they can do it, you can do it! Try it now.

1. First, think of a character.
2. Now think of what they might want…. 
3. But… what stands in the way?
4. So… what do they do to get what they want?

This should get you started! Have fun storytelling!


  1. Being published online and hearing your story in your own voice is so validating for these storytellers. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This was really fun! I think we don;t let kids tell their stories enough at school. We want them to write them, but I think they really ought to share them aloud first. We are working on including more kid talk during writing time. This is something I will share with my colleagues.

  3. Storytelling runs in your family! Love the one about art - and going to museums for inspiration. Awesome!

  4. Fun to see that your niece and nephew are so willing, Beth. Fun to see their impromptu stories. Even in about a minute they added details as the problem emerged! Good for them!

  5. I love how you incorporate video into your Slice!