Saturday, March 1, 2014

Day 1 SoL Story Challenge: The Day the Baby Came Home

Baby J. was born at 11:11 pm on December 20, 2013. Hooray! 

Little L., who should maybe be called Big Sister L. from now on, tells a little slice of the story from her own point of view here:

The day Baby J. was born, we had a huge ice storm here in Vermont. Everything was covered in about an inch of ice; two or three inches in some places. (No kidding! It was crazy!) Because of the ice storm, we didn't ask anybody to come to visit in the hospital, but my husband drove home to visit Little L. and Grandma at our house the morning after the baby was born. That's why L. says "Daddy came home a few days."

The day I finally did come home from the hospital, I gave L. two gifts. One was a charm that said "Big Sister" to add to her charm bracelet. The other was a Fisher Price camera for kids that she absolutely loves. Someone had given us the idea of getting Big Sister gifts for L. to help ease the transition, and a camera seemed like a great way to make her feel like a big kid.

While L. was opening her camera, my husband and his parents were busy getting to know the baby, but L. didn't even notice all the attention the baby was getting because I was able to snuggle one-one with her and teach her how to take pictures all by herself. She immediately started taking pictures of everything, just like she said in her story: plants, her toys, the baby, everything and everybody. Within minutes she went from simply aiming the camera in a general direction, to setting up her photos with better light, and shifting the angle of her camera in interesting ways.

It turns out, that L. is quite a photographer! The camera has been one of those rare toys that she actually has played with often over time. Sometimes she'll stop in the middle of something she's doing and say, "Oh, wait. Gotta take a picture of THIS!"

And her baby brother is one of her favorite subjects.

All photos by Little L. from the day J. came home. There he is in his Santa hat!


  1. I couldn't hear the sound in the video. I ill try again from my computer later. As you know, I'm using my phone to comment since I can use Siri. Big sister L is quite the photographer. I particularly love the one of baby J and the grandfather clock.

  2. Big Sister L's face was a joy to watch - how lucky that Jackson will be able to see this in the years to come - what a gift!

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  4. This video is the sweetest -- I love how you include Big Sister L telling the tale and you unpacking it below. Congratulations on little Jackson! Happy March!