Sunday, March 2, 2014

Day 2 SoL Story Challenge: Mr. Grey Squirrel

We bought our first bird feeder at the town Harvest Festival last fall, just after we had moved into our new house. I remember feeling like we were really "here" when I hung the bird feeder from a branch of a tree in our back yard. "Here," as in Vermont, as opposed to Brooklyn, where we had previously lived, and had no back yard, and no need for a bird feeder.

Of course, hardly any birds eat from our bird feeder because the squirrels always get to it first. My mother just calls them "squirrel feeders" for that reason. That's okay. We enjoy the squirrels.

We think that there is one squirrel in particular who must live in the trees right behind our house. Of course, it's impossible to know for sure if it really is the same squirrel, but we like to think he's "our squirrel." L. calls him Mr. Grey Squirrel. We've seen him in all four seasons. We've watched him swing  bravely from the very highest branches. We've watched him boldly taunt our squirrel-killing terrier. We've watched him play and chase other squirrels. Once, as L. will tell you, we even saw a whole pack of squirrels. True story.

My co-slice-of-life-challenge-author, Little L., will tell you all about it here, at bed time, in her pajamas:


  1. Oh the descriptive language of Mr. Grey Squirrel. Acrobat tricks and a whole pack of squirrels. She gets high scores in elaboration and craft on my checklists! Even a bit of tension as the babies appeared. Seriously darling.

  2. I think it's wonderful that you're capturing this for the future, but you should tell Little L that I loved her grey squirrel story!

  3. Little L tells the best stories!

  4. I love watching Little L tell her stories. What a fun month this is going to be! (And what a treasure these videos will be for her and for you in the years to come.)

  5. I love the phrase in your post, "Of course, it's impossible to know for sure..." because it sets me up for the story-telling voice, the magic language.
    What a gift you speak story-telling so fluently. And, Little L. has it. Every child should have the joy of story telling!