Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 3 SoL Story Challenge: The Story of Garbage Lizard

About a year ago, Little L. and I were having breakfast and telling stories. We were going through a storytelling phase, where we did this a lot. I'd say, "L. you got any stories for me?" Then she would launch in to a story. Sometimes her stories were true. Often they were about Indigo, our dog. Sometimes they were fantasy.

One morning, I asked L. if she had any stories for me, and she told me a ridiculously hilarious story about a lizard who lived in a garbage can. He ate old smelly tuna fish and had to sleep in a moldy sock. The randomness and disgusting-ness of her story was so out-of-the-blue that she had me in stitches. 

Little L. is a kid who thrives off of making people laugh; she's a little bit of a class clown. So, since I cracked up at her first Garbage Lizard story, can you guess what happens for now on whenever I ask her to tell a story?

If you know any three or four year olds, you know exactly what happens. Now, every time I ask for a story, the first (and sometimes only) story she wants to tell is Garbage Lizard. 

Here she is, a year later, still trotting out that old chestnut.

Let me just say, it was funnier the first time.


  1. She is adorable! Looks like a picture book in the making!

  2. I could not resist this post, knowing your co-writer was a four year old!! Your daughter is adorable! Loved this line - "The randomness and disgusting-ness of her story was so out-of-the-blue that she had me in stitches." This is what I find so captivating about this age - their reckless inhibitions.

  3. L is a born story teller - I love the way her face expresses her thinking, the way her imagination is working away.

  4. I also have a four-year-old...and you're right, they do specialize in randomness and disgusting-ness. My surprise comes, though, that isn't just boys! :) Thanks for sharing little L's stories -- she's a natural!

  5. What would happen if lots of parents played your game with their children, "____, you got any stories for me?"
    I think I'd pair this with those practice readers kids take home.
    Or, guiltily I think I might prefer just the story telling for the very young.
    I am enchanted with your parenting wisdom.